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I've been making lemon meringue pies for over 30 years trying many recipes always with great flavor while sometimes with problems weeping and not firm enough. I decided to try this one. This was the most time consuming and expensive (with milk) I've ever tried. And my family was very disappointed, they wanted a "lemon meringue pie" with a distinctive lemon zesty flavor....not a custard cream pie with a slight lemon flavor. I was very disapointed in the pie..and would you suggest calling it a "lemon custard pie" which would aptly describe it.

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kodicook November 25, 2010

With mouth watering in anticipation of having a 'perfect' pie after dinner, I proceeded to make this recipe. Using my own pie crust recipe (from allrecipes.com's sugar-crusted apple pie), I followed filling instructions. Simple, but time-consuming. Making the meringue, however, was difficult. First time for doing so and felt there was a lack of instructions. Using a stand-mixer on the setting of "beat" (I followed what was written), I beat the egg whites. After 25 minutes, they were foamy but not stiff. Slowly adding while beating then vanilla only made whites runny. Down the drain they went. Baked pie crust and filling for 15 minutes with foil on outer edge of glass pan, removed foil and baked 25 minutes longer. Crust is golden brown and there are peaks on the filling. When time to eat pie, I will cover with a whipped topping. After making the pie I searched google for instructions on 'how to make meringue' and found them on http://whatscookingamerica.net/Eggs/perfectmeringue.htm. Next time I make this recipe I will use Apriva, which is a finer sugar (suggested on whatscooking). The filling tastes great; it's a bit sweeter than I prefer, so using Apriva next time will cut down sweetness. Thanks for the recipe. I had fun making it. Who is Bree?

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The King's kid April 25, 2010

Fabulous, nobody at work could believe I had the recipe! We watch the show at work all the time! I made it into 24 tarts so everyone could have a little taste. It got five stars from everyone! My boyfriend even helped make it (he stirred the pot a little but for him thats a big step!) Very easy instructions make it simple to follow. Thanks for such a lovely lemor pie, no more boxed stuff for me.

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Ladymedic July 22, 2009

Very tasty! For the pie crust I used the gingersnap crust from Margarita-Key Lime Pie With Gingersnap Crust. Unfortunately I let the meringue set too long before putting it on the pie and baking (answered the phone) and it lost a bit of it's consistency, so not the prettiest of pictures, but tasted wonderful! Thanks for sharing Jen!

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Galley Wench September 14, 2008

omg!!!!!! where'd u get this recipe? my friend and i watched that and were like OMG we need to find this recipe! if it beats bree's pie, you know its gotta be good!!!! looking forward to finally getting to try that pie!!!

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MeliBug August 30, 2008
Desperate Housewives Secret Lemon Meringue Pie