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I made this today and it smells wonderful. I used Peace and Calming essiential oil (which has citrus essiential oils in it). It feels great when you put it on. It is a satiny smooth feeling. I added the chlorophyll and rubbed it through my fingers until it was broken up like butter in pie dough. Then to make the chlorophyll and essiential oils more evenly distributed, I ran it throug a mesh strainer. I am not going to give it stars right now, but will come back and give stars after I use it a few days to see how well it works. At this point, I'd give it a five star rating just for the feel and smell. Okay, I have been using it for 3 days and I still love it, but I haven't done anything to work up a sweat. It doesn't clog your pores like antipersperant! I love it and will use it during the winter months for sure.

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~SwoR~ December 04, 2003
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