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I just got out my favorite sugar cookie recipe to make for Easter Sunday & thought I'd check to see if it's already on Food.com so that I could use the on-line recipe in the future rather than dragging out the cookbook. What do you know... this is the exact same recipe with one slight variation. My recipe from the 1974 Betty Crocker Deluxe cokbook also includes 1/2 teaspoon almond extract. Believe me it's the almond and butter taste of this cookie that I think makes it so special tasting. I then frost them with canned cream cheese frosting & let them sit out a bit for the frosting to set up and not get so sticky & then they're ready to be gobbled up. What's even better is to put them on a plate, using wax aper between the layers, and then put the plate full of cookies in a sealed gallon size storage bag. These are fabulous the next day and really melt in your mouth. I always get tons of compliments on these cookies. I like mine soft so I keep an eye on them to be sure to take them out as soon as there's some very light brown coloring on the edges. Also, my recipe notes that you can use either 2 1/2 cups of all purpose flour or if using self-rising flour use the same amount but omit the soda and cream of tarter. Great recipe I've been making for over twenty years. Try it with the almond extract & you'll love it.

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Timothy H. April 01, 2013

I tried this because I was looking for an alternative to the ancient recipe I've always used for cookie cutter cookies; mine was my mother's or grandmother's and always came out tasting more like hard animal crackers than like a cookie, prized more for the shapes and decorations than for the flavor. I really liked this one. It was difficult to roll out after chilling for two hours, but I persevered and the results were excellent. It makes a delicious buttery cookie that we really loved. The second half should have been rolled a little thinner and those cookies were a bit too big and puffy, but I'll know better next time. And there will definitely be a next time!

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RiverRat December 19, 2008
Deluxe Sugar Cookies - (Cookie Cutter Type)