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I used all ingredients I've had in the house so I took some liberties with your recipe... for starters what I thought was chicken was turkey when it thawed. I used light sour cream and Condensed Cream of Soup Mix ( Homemade Substitute ) for the cream of chicken soup, and did not add milk to this mix as it seemed pretty thin already. I didn't have any bacon so I started with the onion. Nor did I have celery, green pepper or mushrooms.I don't like mushrooms so I wouldn't miss those anyways. No broccoli either- so I used a blend of corn, green beans, peas, and carrots. I added a sprinkling of Penzey's Mural of Flavor. My mash potatoes had been frozen and didn't need any extra liquid so I only used 1 egg and left out the milk. I mixed in the cheddar cheese as well as some garlic salt- no pimentoes or french fried onion either. I assembled everything into 4 individual casserole... and they are in the fridge just waiting for dinner time.

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Nickeletta May 20, 2009

This recipe has excellent, excellent flavor! I left out the mushrooms and used packaged real bacon bits for the bacon. I didn't have any pimientos either, but I don't think we missed them. I had mashed potatoes that I had frozen, and they thawed out so strange looking that I was afraid I'd ruin the whole recipe! They were runny and grainy looking. I didn't mix in extra milk because of their texture. When baked, they transformed back to normal, thank goodness!

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J-Lynn February 18, 2008
Deluxe Chicken Supper