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Wonderful flavor. Followed the recipe exactly. I did mine in a Vita-mix so was even able to cook the soup in the machine after sauteeing the veggies. Didn't freeze too well but I think that if it had gone back in the blender for a few minutes the texture would have been fine.

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eyelady April 24, 2011

This soup is awesome. I had a bottle of cooking sherry but decided not to add since I'm on a detox diet and it was still wonderful!

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Dr Quest June 17, 2010

In fairness to the chef, I had to do a bunch of substituting due to availability and ability to afford ingredients. I had to use button mushrooms (they were on sale), Merlot instead of sherry, and I used beef broth instead of vegetable stock because i thought it would give it a deeper flavor. It was OK. Since I can't afford portabella mushrooms, I probably won't make this again. But my guess, with the original ingredients, it would be really delicious.

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NM Patricia February 01, 2009

The balance of this soup is incredible. Everybody loved it! DS asked what kind of meat was in it, & DH said it was one of the best smelling soups I've ever made. I used bullion cubes instead and felt it was a little salty, but DH & DS both thought it was perfect. Also used a nice merlot instead of the sherry as a matter of preference. Don't skip the fresh thyme. It contributes so well to the completeness of the dish. I buzzed mine with the stick mixer and left just a few chunks of mushroom. All that flavor and low-fat, too! Ultimately satisfying and a new standard in mushroom soup.

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Ma Field October 03, 2007

This was just an excellent soup I served to vegetarian friends. I made it the day before with the intention of reheating it. The day was very warm, I tasted the soup cold and loved it. I served it cold and it was a hit with everyone. Great recipe Julesong.

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Tebo August 24, 2006

Absolutely MARVELOUS! I don't have a blender and found out (the hard way) that my food processor wouldn't work to puree this with the liquid. So I sorta' cheated by using my hand held mesh strainer to transfer all the veggies into the food processor and pureeing them by their little lonesomes. Then I threw them back into the stock and used my hand-held mixer on it. Came out a bit thin, so maybe I should have done it the other way around (put the veggies in a pot/bowl and slowly mixed in the stock). It was still very good though - and even better the next day! I will definitely be making this again! Thanks for posting, Julesong!

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CharJoyLet October 29, 2005

Finally my Mushroom Soup-Grail Quest is over! I’ve found the mushroom soup that I have always believed was out there somewhere. When I learnt that Julesong was in my group for the 2005 Photo Swap #2, I immediately thought ‘Soup Fairy’: I’ll make one of her soups. And I didn’t even look at any of her other recipes. Serendipitous indeed! This is a truly delicious creamy, flavoursome soup. Creamy yet, as Julesong mentions, it contains no milk or cream, so it is also low in calories and low in the bad-for-you fats. None of the flavours are detectable over the others: they all blend so well. The only changes I made to the ingredients was because of the availability of two ingredients. I used some exquisite-looking field mushrooms, undoubtedly similar to Portabellos. And chicken stock, because I was out of vegetable stock. I also used several cloves of garlic, beyond what was specified, because I love the stuff. The main changes I made were to the amount of stock I used and the length of time I allowed the soup to simmer. I doubled all the ingredients (which would have meant adding 12 cups of stock) but I decided to add only 8 cups of stock. I wanted my soup thick and it was - but not too thick. And those who ate it – and everyone just loved the really hearty flavour – said that the consistency was just right for them too. The recipe specified 15 minutes simmering time, which to me sounded really odd. I had the soup simmering for just under two hours. Quite a difference. Once I decided it had simmered for long enough, rather than transferring it to a blender in batches, I blended it in the pan with a stab blender. The result was a beautifully puréed soup with some chunks of mushroom in it. Just the right balance in texture as well as flavour! Superb. My quest now over, I shall be making this again. And because it is so quick and easy to make, that will be often. As for the smells: I’ve never made anything that smelt so heavenly the whole time it was cooking! Thank you Soup Fairy, for a truly SOUPERB recipe.

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bluemoon downunder May 21, 2005
Delmonico's Puree of Portabella Mushroom Soup