Delightfully Different Cinnamon Buns

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READY IN: 3hrs 12mins
Recipe by JC Worthless

This is a recipe that I came up with wanting a light fluffy cinnamon bun based on a yeast roll recipe. After researching many recipes through trial and error, this is what I came up with... The texture of the bread was almost that of a croissant and the flavor was wonderful. All by hand no bread machine was used...

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  1. In a 10" bowl or bigger add the 2 1/4 cups of flour, 1 teaspoon baking soda, 1 teaspoon baking powder and 2 tablespoons of brown sugar and blend or mix well with a fork and set it to the side -- we will call this the dry mix --
  2. In a smaller pre-warmed bowl mix the 3/4 cups of warm water, the 1/4 oz. packet of yeast, 2 teaspoons of white granulated sugar and the 1 teaspoon of salt. Now stir the wet mix well and let it set for 8 - 10 minutes to allow the yeast to start activating -- If it grows a head of foam a beer could only dream of in that time, you did it correctly.
  3. After waiting the 8 - 10 minutes mentioned above, combine the 2 mixes (Wet and Dry), and blend just until the bread quits sticking to the bowl and stop mixing -- The dough should look stringy and not be completely blended together.
  4. At this time dump the dough onto a clean, dry and lightly floured work area. Wash your hands as you wash the 10" bowl that you will need again in a moment -- dry the bowl and flour your hands.
  5. At this time add 4 tablespoons of the olive oil -- yes just pour it on top of the dough and kneed the bread until a nice doughball is formed -- Most of the kneeding is done at this time so mash and fold -- mash and fold.alot.
  6. After a nice doughball is formed, oil the 10" bowl with 1/2 the remaining olive oil and place the doughball in the bowl flipping the dough until it is coated well with the oil -- (This keeps the the dough from stiffening up while it is rising.) Cover the bowl and place in a warm spot to rise until doubled in size -- (on a warm day it should take roughly an hour, on a cold and rainy day it may take up to 3 hours).
  7. After the dough has doubled in size dump the dough onto your lightly floured surface then kneed and double fold the dough 4 times and stop kneeding . Reform and oil the ball with the last remaining tablespoon of olive oil and place back into the bowl and allow the dough to rise again until it has doubled in size a second time.
  8. After it has risen the second time punch down the dough and dump the doughball back onto your lightly floured work surface and sprinkle the doughball lightly with flour and roll out the dough to roughly form a 10" to 12" square --
  9. On this square pour the melted butter and spread evenly to cover the top of the dough square. Now lightly cover the buttered area with a light coating of cinnamon and the left over brown sugar. Now add the pecan pieces on top of the brown sugar if you so choose.
  10. Now roll the dough into a log and take a serrated bread knife and CUT the dough into 1" wide sections -- (DO NOT just mash through the dough with the knife) -- Now place the rounds on a non-stick or pam coated baking pan and allow them to rise again -- basically until they have doubled in size again.
  11. Preheat and bake in a 350* oven for 10-12 minutes or until nice and brown. glaze and enjoy.

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