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Wow! This is the simplest pot roast I have ever made! It was so tender and delicious. The only thing I did different was to add some small red potatoes, 1 small sliced purple onion and carrots with 1/2 cup water. I didn't even have to make gravy because it was all at the bottom of the pot! Thanks so much dear.

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Ms.WU July 21, 2009

I host a weekly "Survival Cooking" Class at a continuation high school. We teach them how to cook healthy using the tools they might have access to in a dorm room, residence hotel, or studio apartment: blenders, Crock Pots, Microwaves, indoor grills. We did this recipe in class (I demonstrated how crock pot cooking is so easy and forgiving that you can add any vegetable you like to such a recipe by adding leftover mushrooms from the previous lesson). Needless to say, the roast was gone in moments. These finicky teenagers LOVED it. So did my family, when I cooked this incredibly easy dish the very next day at home.

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TinaZR March 23, 2012

Psalm, will you accept a review from a vegetarian:):)? I made this at my mother's house yesterday (she's 86, lives alone, and HATES to cook, which is why she's far too skinny!) I subbed a packet of mushroom gravy mix for the can of soup, and we dumped in about 1/2 cup white wine (all she had on hand)---and she called this morning to say it was the best pot roast she'd ever had. The 5 stars are from her!

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La Dilettante June 07, 2012
Deliciously Easy Crock-Pot Pot Roast