Delicious Tuna Cakes With Spicy Jalapeno Sauce

READY IN: 30mins
Recipe by PeachWeb

This is a pretty simple recipe, perfect for common people who maybe don't have access to ingredients that top chefs do because of cost/location or don't have the time prepare elaborate meals. It's great for those of us cooking on a budget who want food to taste good. I like to let the mix sit at least an hour before I use it to (1) let all the flavors to mix and (2) to allow the mix to bond well so your patties don't fall apart. You could prepare this the night before if you like, but make sure to store it in an air tight container. Note that these are great made with canned salmon, mackerel, crab, sardines, chicken or whatever variation you can think up! For the sauce, I use a few packets of taco sauce from Taco Bell. Whenever I visit one I make sure to grab a handful for later use. Any other taco sauce would work, but may not taste as good. Also, if you do not have the Kraft Cracked Pepper Mayonnaise, then just forget it. The sauce truly is not the same without it.

Top Review by Lucky in Bayview

Excellent!! I used a total of 8oz of tuna (2 4oz cans), the full amount veggies and spices and 1/4 of bread crumbs, so basically cut the recipe in half except for the veggies and spices. Loved the sauce, I made the full amount of sauce and I'm glad I did, I'm looking forward to using it on something else. The cakes got nice and crisp. I think these were restaurant quality. Served with lemon rice and salad. Total keeper. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Ingredients Nutrition


  • 2 (453.59 g) can tuna, well drained
  • 28.39 ml diced bell pepper (any color... or mix them)
  • 28.39 ml sweet red onion
  • 1 egg
  • 118.29 ml Italian seasoned breadcrumbs
  • 118.29 ml Italian seasoned breadcrumbs (for coating patties just prior to frying)
  • 0.59 ml salt
  • 0.59 ml pepper (or more to taste)
  • 0.59 ml garlic powder
  • olive oil (just a few Tbs, just enough to coat pan for frying)

  • 14.19 ml diced bell pepper (any color... or mix them)
  • 14.19 ml diced red onion (or any sweet onion)
  • 14.19 ml diced jalapeno pepper
  • 59.14 ml kraft cracked pepper mayonnaise
  • 28.39 ml taco sauce (Packets from Taco Bell work great, your preferred heat or flavor)


  1. TUNA CAKES: Dice vegetables then mix ingredients. You can make patties right away, but I find if i let the mix sit for at least 30 minutes beforehand, it all bonds and makes much better patties. I feel it also allows the flavors in the vegetables to permeate the mix. It is OK to make this mix the night before use, but please store in an air tight container and stir mix prior to making patties.
  2. Pour a tbs or two of olive oil in frying pan, just enough to coat pan and set heat to medium high.
  3. Coat patties with additional breadcrumbs just prior to setting in skillet to fry. Cook till golden brown (approx. five minutes on each side).
  4. SAUCE: Mix ingredients and enjoy atop your tuna cake.
  5. SERVING SUGGESTION: I love these served on a toasted onion roll/bun, but they are delicious all by themselves. The sauce truly elevates the flavor to a new level.
  6. I will add a photo next time I make these. Posting this recipe was an after thought, and quite honestly, it seems no matter how many I make they all disappear.
  7. NOTES:.
  8. There is something wonderful about Kraft's Cracked Pepper Mayonnaise. I have never cared for any mayonnaise (except for its mandatory use in egg and/or tuna salad), but this product is just fantastic. I use it it flavor and thicken soups, for sauces, directly on sandwiches (which i would never do with the old stuff). If you haven't tried it, please do. I think you will love it. And, no, I have no interest in their company whatsoever, I just LOVE the product. (-:.

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