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Love this recipe! I canned some last year and saved the recipe. Making some right now in fact! My husband said that this salsa has ruined him for all other salsa's! He's not a picky eater but he knows what he likes and he loves this! So good. I think the cumin and chili powder add a lot! I didn't use clear jell b/c I didn't have any but I did like the other reviewer and just simmer the tomotoes longer and it thickened right up. Love this recipe...thank you!!!!

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stbosch August 16, 2010

I love this salsa...and so does everyone else who has tried it. I have been canning salsa for quite a few years but never found a recipe that was "IT". Well....this one is "IT"! I have disregarded all of the other recipes I have and canned this recipe exclusively this year. (about 90 pints!) I use just the regular tomatoes since I don't grow the roma's and I don't use the clear gel. For a little more kick (since my hubby likes his salsa a little hotter) I will make a batch with a few more jalapeno's or serrano's added in. (or maybe a habanero or two) Since I don't like the veggies to be mushy, I don't cook this too long....Maybe simmer 5 or 10 minutes only before putting it in the jars. If you like your salsa with less liquid, you can take out some of the juice before canning (don't waste the juice...can it up too!). The best way to do this, I have found, is to push a strainer a ways down into the pot of salsa. That way, only the juice comes through the strainer and the veggies stay under it. Then you can just use a cup to scoop out the extra juice. Thank you so much for this recipe....I can finally stop looking for the best one.

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awalker87 October 07, 2008

First, many thanks to the submitter of this recipe. Made it yesterday with farm-fresh Better Boy tomatoes and assorted hot peppers, and it lives up to its name. A few minor alterations (no Clear Jel used, also used a combo of lemon and key lime juice instead of vinegar, some fresh cilantro added), and it rocks! It made only 8 pints rather than 10, so maybe I made it thicker or seived it longer? I look forward to making this again and again.

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nyshogirl September 15, 2009

So I created a Food.com just to rate your recipe. :) Despite the drought, our tomatoes are growing like crazy this year, along with our peppers. This is also the year I decided to learn how to can, so I did a google search for salsa recipes for canning and yours looked like the best.

I substituted red wine vinegar for the regular vinegar (because I love it), as well as added in more garlic (again, loves), and it was wonderful. Jucier because we have "regular" garden tomatoes, but I love it. Also, didn't have the thickening agent, but cooked it down an extra 15 minutes and it worked just fine.

Thanks for the awesome recipe - it will definitely be a fav for years to come! :)

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nuclearkitty July 21, 2012

Wear plastic or rubber gloves and do not touch your face while handling or cutting hot peppers. If you do not wear gloves, wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before touching your face or eyes. Processing directions from the NCHFP: Peel and prepare jalapenos. Wash tomatoes and dip in boiling water for 30 to 60 seconds or until skins split. Dip in cold water, slip off skins, and remove cores. Coarsely chop tomatoes and combine chopped peppers, onions, and remaining ingredients in a large saucepan. Heat to boil, and simmer 10 minutes. Fill hot, sterilized jars; wipe rims and place lids. Screw on bands finger tight. Process pint jars in boiling water bath for 15 minutes at 1000 feet elevation; 20 minutes at 1001 - 6000 feet elevation; 25 minutes at higher elevations.

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mollypaul July 10, 2009

This salsa recipe is DELISH! I love it! I tweaked it just a bit, i added a healthy dose of cilantro because we love cilantro in our family. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe, it is great. I really cannot say enough good about it.

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vheath4 August 31, 2013

This salsa is the bomb! I did tweak it just a little. I cooked the tomatoes down (about 7 lbs.) a bit by themselves and drained off the water a couple times. I omitted the tomato sauce and added 12 0z. of tomato paste. I did not use the sure jell. I added a healthy dose of chipotle chili powder because that is my favorite spice :) I also hit it a couple times with my immersion blender because I don't like a super chunky salsa.<br/><br/>I only got 5 pints probably because I poured off so much water but I have a thick yummy sauce and based on the preliminary feedback, it will be gone quickly!

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kristyc3 August 11, 2013

Delicious! So tasty! Thank you for this recipe!

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elazaverd August 30, 2012

Oh my gosh, this is the best recipe for canned salsa. I used regular tomatoes and jalapenos from my garden, I couldn't find the clear jel so I added 6 oz. of tomato paste, brought it to the right consistency. Thanks WJKing, this is going to be my go to recipe for salsa!

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dz in Packerland August 30, 2012

Looking for a new salsa recipe? This one is it!!! Yummy, perfect spices for the mild eaters. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Thanks a bunch...(of tomatoes that is)

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annebelle671 August 23, 2012
Delicious Tomato Salsa (Recipe for Canning)