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Another 5 stars to Kittencal! This is the Potato Soup Recipe I've been looking for for half my life! I made it with everyday grocery store Parmesan and next time I will buy and grate some good Parmesan. This recipe is so good it deserves top shelf ingredients. I used Salt Free Bouillion (due to Doctors orders) and low sodium broth as called for and then I added one can of regular chicken broth so that there was some salt. It came out great. I'm sure there's some salt in the cheese too. :) Thank you for being here providing us with so many wonderful recipes! Hats off to Kittencal! Thanks!

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Susan B. February 25, 2009

This has become a family fav over the last several months. I double the recipe --- and it also freezes well. I do modify it a bit - I don't mash the potatoes (but I do the onion and celery) and I add 8 oz of cream cheese and use skim milk. Warning --- The calories are high but talk about comfort food --- Yummy!!!

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rnmommy02 January 03, 2009

I should have taken some of the suggestions to double this recipe. This is SO good! I used approximately 2 lbs of potatoes, added a medium carrot, diced, and LOTS of garlic. Used homemade chicken broth, skim milk, and low-fat sour cream. Used a home-made seasoning salt that has a little bit of heat to it. Garnished with the green onions and cooked and crumbled bacon. Tasted just like a loaded baked potato. The sour cream really adds the extra dimension to this soup. I will be making this again. Thank you for another winner, Kitten! :)

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Beth A. December 27, 2009

This soup is GREAT! Have to say Kittencal, I have tried quite a few of your recipes, and you must really ROCK in the kitchen! Thanks for posting this one!

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MilanzMom March 11, 2007

This was awesome. With the cold temps in Ohio, I made alot of soups this week. I am so glad I made this one. I never had a potato soup with sour cream before. This had a nice bite from the sour cream, and all of us enjoyed it. It was much thicker than I am used to, but it was a nice change. Thanks for posting this recipe!

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BetterOffBread February 11, 2007

A delicious soup that you can have on the table ready to eat not long after the desire for soup strikes! For me a souper-plus when so many of my favourite soup recipes need to simmer away for hours and hours. So this has been added to my favourite soups cookbook. I used a homemade chicken broth and low-fat milk and low-fat sour cream but otherwise followed the recipe exactly. And when I'm feeling rushed, as I was when I made this wonderful soup, I just love it that with KITTENCAL's recipes I don't even need to consider whether or not to increase the garlic. The quantity of garlic she includes in her recipes is always spot-on for my tastes. Thank you for sharing another delicious recipe!

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bluemoon downunder March 23, 2006

This soup was delicious! I cooked the veggies, except the potatoes in vegetable broth. I had leftover potatoes, so I added them in and blended the soup. I didn't have all the sour cream, so added some cream cheese. My daughter and I had this with dinner and loved it! Thank you so much!

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Sharon123 February 09, 2006
Delicious Thick Creamy Potato Soup