Delicious Quinoa Supper - Vegetarian (Or Not) and Yummy!

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Total Time
15 mins
15 mins

This is a fabulous quinoa and vegetable stovetop meal that is yummy and really healthy! I make it as is for me but then add cooked chicken to my husband's serving. An easy, satisfying one dish meal!

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  1. Stir fry onion, pepper, carrot and zucchini in a small amount of oil (or use Pam) until tender. Lightly steam broccoli in the microwave (I use those Ziploc steam bags). Add cooked broccoli to veggie mixture. Season veggies with Mrs. Dash, add wine and let it cook down (just takes a few minutes). Add cooked quinoa, mix well. Add butter to hot mixture and stir. Add chicken, if desired. Serve!