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Great taste, and beautiful. Yes, this does work in the bread machine! I used half the ingredients (4 cups of flour), warming the milk and butter on the stovetop first (just until the butter melted) before putting all in the breadmachine (in the order recommended by the manufacturer). My only deviation was the amount of yeast used. I don't know what the weight of a "standard" package of yeast is in the US, but my packet was 7 grams, an amount recommended for 500 g of flour (the 4 cups that I used was closer to 600 g, I think)--so I used an entire 7g packet. My bread was perfect in consistency. I baked it on the standard white-bread cycle. Thanks for posting!

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FlemishMinx February 06, 2005

My family loves this. My kids were amazed when I first made it. They didnt realize you could make bread at home. Hehehe. I am now amazing.

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ChefLes October 21, 2009

I followed the instructions very closely, but the bread did not rise. Somebody please explain the mystery of yeast to me! Anyway, the bread is still quite tasty, but a little doughy and requires extra toasting. I liked my experience with the simple French bread much better.

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calisto August 30, 2007

Well, this is my third attempt at making bread and this is my first real SUCCESS! I am so happy, this bread did everything I hoped it would and more. It was easy, came together perfectly and made a wonderfully easy dough to work with. And after it baked up...oh my, it was beautiful and it tasted incredible! I only used 7 cups of flour in the end and it seemed to be plenty. I baked it for the 35 minutes, but it seemed slightly doughy, so I will cook it longer next time. I brushed butter over the top in the last 10 minutes and covered with a sheet of foil. When it was done I brushed more butter on top. It was so good hot with MORE BUTTER! I made one large loaf and one small one. Today for lunch we cut it and had venison sandwiches, so good. Thank you, this is a definate keeper. I want to make rolls out of it too! Yeah, so exciting!

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HeidiSue December 31, 2006

This is the first yeast bread I have ever made in my life! I needed to use up some wild mountain honey my grandma had and this sounded delicious. That's exactly what it was, too! My loaves came out pretty dense and chewy, but that was pretty much user error I think. I didn't get quite enough flour in there and I may have killed off most of my yeast...but even with all that, it BAKED and tasted GREAT!! So, I guess you could call this a fail-proof recipe if even a first timer can screw it up and get it right! Thanks for posting!

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the_cookie_lady December 17, 2006

Very good. I'll definitely be making this again. I subbed 1/2 whole wheat flour...and the bread is delicious if a little dense.

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Queen of Everything January 22, 2006

After trying this recipe my husband told me to throw my old one away. It was an amazing recipe but this one is tons better. I halved the recipe and used my bread machine on the dough cycle. Then I made rolls using the dough. They were hands down the best I've ever made.

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botanikkal August 06, 2005

This was a very nice bread. I used less flour than recommended but ended up with a larger batch of dough than expected. I ended up making 2 large loaves and 2 mini loaves.

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Oatmeal3203 March 27, 2005

This recipe made 2 of the most beautiful loaves of bread I have ever seen. So my first reaction was, they can't look that good and still taste good.....WRONG....this bread is wonderful. I made it exactly as directed. It was wonderful served hot with supper last night. But it was even better made up as French Toast this morning for breakfast. Thanks for the great recipe.

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Jellyqueen January 09, 2005
Delicious Milk and Honey Bread - 2 Loaves