Delicious Menudo (Without Tripe)

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Total Time
1hr 15mins
1 hr
15 mins

I like menudo, but not tripe. I find by using lean pork chops, it is healthy and delicious and tastes much better.

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  1. Brown onions about 5 minutes.
  2. Add meat and garlic.
  3. Add rest of ingredients and simmer about an hour.
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This would be called Pozole; it's almost identical to menudo but pork replaces the tripe and it's very good. I serve condiments that include chopped white onion, chopped green onion, chopped cilantro, dried red pepper flakes, dried crushed oregano (preferably mexican oregano) and lemon or lime wedges to be squeezed into the soup. Serve with tortillas on the side -- YUM!!