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First of all changes I made, for dietary reasons I omitted onion and peppers and upped the mushrooms (swiss brown) to 2 cups (I scaled back for 5 serves but got 8)and I used fresh pasta sheets (no cooking) and fresh basil, oregano and garlic (all from the garden) and a basil pasta sauce for the tomato puree (I think the pasta sauce is our equivalent in Australia) but this is were I OOPSED - I sauted of the mushrooms and set aside and then cooked the extra lean mince (ground beef) and just automatically put in the mushrooms and all the pasta sauce. My layering went like this (my dish would only allow me 2 layers) meat sauce, cream cheese mix, some mozzarella, lasagne noodle sheet, meat sauce, cream cheese mix, mozzarella, lasange sheet and finally meat sauce and mozzarella and covered and cooked as directed. At the 45 minute point I removed the alfoil which took a fair amount of the cheese with it so sprinkled some more on top (hadn't used it all) and back in the oven till a nice golden colour. The surprise factor was that when we have previously tried lasagne using ricotta is that it has a curdled effect which has put us off but I think the blending of the cream cheese (in both cases I used the lowest fat one I could get) minimised this and there were no "YUK" reactions and with a salad and garlic bread was very much enjoyed. Thank you Lainey6605, made for Potluck Tag.

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I'mPat February 04, 2011

My family enjoyed this a lot! I love the addition of the peppers and mushrooms (especially the mushrooms! :D ) and next time I might put in even more of those and drop the ground beef since that flavor didn't come through quite as well anyway. I didn't use all the noodles as they wouldn't fit in the pan and that may explain why the lasagna was so saucy! And believe me, that's a good thing, especially when leftovers will be heated. I also liked using fresh basil in this, but I think next time I will go with fresh garlic as I always have it on hand. Thanks for sharing your recipe! ~Sue

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Sue Lau November 26, 2008
Delicious Lasagna