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This was very tasty spooned over mashed potatoes. We don't have lamb stock cubes or bisto available, so I made a roux, used some of the juices from the lamb, and then added some chicken stock, salt and pepper. I probably will make a little more roux next time, and I think I would add more veggies and probably more herbs or some spice. I also used fresh rosemary and thyme, as I think that fresh herbs are wonderful to use. This is a comfy dish, well suited for a casual evening at home.

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duonyte August 10, 2007

Excellent recipe to really play with. when I read the recipe and its entirety I thought this would be fantastic in a Shepherd pie kind of idea, texas style =). Preheat oven 400F. For starters i minced up the onion and the carrot in my little food processor and cooked with olive oil not browning. add the lamb as said, browning up. Then adding the garlic, and one can of stewed tomatoes breaking up the tomatoes in the pan cook about 3 mins. Pushing everything creating kind of a hole in the middle, pour in the 3/4 cup of red wine. Add the rosemary, and with this herb im just not a big fan, so i only used 1/2tsp. cook about 4 mins, till alcohol cooks off. dump all in the casserole dish. For the Gravy melt 2 tbls of butter, and 2 tbls flour, making a roux. Pour in 1 1/2 cups beef stock bring to a boil and then lower to a simmer, 2 mins, pour over meat mixture. Cook for 30 mins. Then make any kind of mashed potato you choose and top, switch to a broil 5 mins.

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kncompton05 May 07, 2011

Very tasty! I made it using ham stock and served it with some rice. Rosemary gives very nice flavour!

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The Boots December 03, 2007
Delicious Lamb, Rosemary & Red Wine Casserole