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Wonderful! I dont have access to raw mangos, so I used some amchur powder (raw mango powder). If you do not have either you can use a bit of lemon juice as raw mango is a souring agent. Easy to put together, and loaded with flavor and texture. Thanks for a wonderful lunch!!!

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Zaccaria January 19, 2009

I needed a simple and tasty, vegetarian recipe that could be expanded to 10 servings without making too much of a mess. All 10 loved it - even as I couldn't find ghee and forgot the coconut. Canned chick peas to speed up the prep. I used half the chili, which was just enough for us "wimpy" Norwegians. Thank you!

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Akita December 16, 2007

yum!i just made this pulao - though i have to admit i improvised a LOT because i didn't have half the ingredients (but i really wanted to try it so went ahead anyway). first off - i used up curry leaves from my freezer. they're not easily available here so i just buy a bunch whenever i can and freeze them in little baggies.. also left out the coconut and used 1/4 tsp chilli powder instead of red chillies. i didn't have any chickpeas or tomatoes so i used almost 1 cup canned red kidney beans and 1 - 2 tbsp of tomato paste diluted with a little water. also left out the raw mango though i doubt it made any difference to the taste. i loved the taste of the masala and wanted to eat it without rice. to end, i layered freshly cooked rice on top of the kindey beans and covered the pot so the aroma and flavours would infuse the rice. mixed right before serving. yum, yum, yum! will be making this again. thanks for the great recipe charishma.

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grapefruit November 19, 2007

This was delicious Char! I made this for the girls' dinner yesterday and it went down very well. It was quick and very easy. I left out the raw mangoes but I dont' think it affected the flavour too much.

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HappyBunny October 27, 2004
Delicious Indian Chickpeas Pulao