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This was my first experience making fortune cookies. The recipe was wonderful. The cookies tasted better than any fortune cookie I've ever eaten. I watch some youtube videos first to see how to form them over a cup and then cool in a muffin tin. That helped a lot. I only cooked one at a time since it was my first time. I had several cookie sheets so it still went pretty fast. I didn't let some of the cookies get brown enough on the edges and the cookie isn't crisp. Don't make that mistake. Even the softer ones still look great and will taste wonderful! Recipe is a winner!

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Melissa B. June 14, 2013

Too cute! So easy too. They looked very authentic. I baked them 2 at a time and since they are very hot . . . 2 was good. I plan to dip in chocolate and serve with peppermint ice cream! Also will make for kids for special birthdays and Valentine's Day. Thanks for posting.

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mcme1999 May 05, 2015

We will surely use this recipe, it is great and we'll be using it for my DD's birthday party. Thanks, animal_luver! And I love your other recipes, too!

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bluejaycee June 23, 2009
Delicious Fortune Cookies