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I think this recipe has easily been my favourite way to make pulled pork. So much so that I need to update my review! I've made this several times now and it just gets better each time. The roast always, always gets seasoned well in advance now. The earlier, the better! I do not add the barbecue sauce at the beginning. I simply let the roast cook away with the vegetables on its own, no added liquid necessary. For a good 4 lb roast, I find that it takes a lot longer than 8 hours on low; so I'll switch between low and high, depending on the time available. After shredding the meat, and draining away the extra juices (and there's always a ton!) I'll put the meat back into the crock pot, finally add the barbecue sauce (I do not add sugar), and then let it go for another hour or so. Delicious, and less runny than my first attempts. I absolutely love this recipe, and it makes for lots of extra tasty leftovers! Thanks so much!

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yamakarasu April 03, 2013

Cooked 7 hours and then shredded it. 4lbs, plenty of leftovers.

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jane49423 September 25, 2010

Made this last week with the ends cut from 3 large pork loins. I did not have time to marinade the meat with the spices but did rub the spices into the meat. Cooked in crock pot overnight..shredded it and served it to my kitchen helpers at church. They loved it. I used the chops to serve the garden club their annual Christmas dinner. A keeper for me!!

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jrbennett December 09, 2008

I used 2.5 lb pork shoulder and minced 4 large garlic cloves. I also omitted the BBQ sauce in the pot and the sugar. I just stuck the meat in the crock pot with the onions and peppers at the bottom and no other liquid for 8 hours on low (while I was at work). Once I got home I made my homemade BBQ sauce and the night before I made my Tangy Vinegar Slaw. I shredded the meat, added the BBQ sauce, and served them on Mexican Cemita roll with the Tangy Vinegar Slaw. It was delicious. Thank you Kittencal your recipes never fail me!

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Gabby B April 30, 2014

Wow, this was great. Made it for Super Bowl, followed the recipe very closely, the only difference being I used roasted red peppers in place of the bell pepper, and slightly less brown sugar. Very easy and tasty -- served on nice rolls with coleslaw. Thank you for sharing!

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barbie66 February 08, 2016

Such an easy and delicious receip, The whole family loved it,The hardest part was cutting the onions, lol Will deffinatly make again.....

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redneckwoman1970 April 30, 2015

Fantastic! I even added more garlic on the marinate it was deliciiouuuussss! My guests loved it!

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Stefanie L. December 21, 2014

Notes as I prepare: 2 small pork roast / loin marinated without garlic (MIL allergic) for two days in fridge in zip lock. 2-3 onions (smallish) sliced thin + 1 lg bell pepper and 1/2 C water into - on HIGH in crock 3 hours. Drained liquid - put veg back on bottom - then roasts on top and added 2 bottles of Sweet Baby Rays. After one more hour (still on high)- took roasts out and shredded put back in to mix / meld. All in all - was 4 hours on high and then another 1 hour on low to meld flavors. Was good - everyone enjoyed it. Thanks Kittencal.

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Gidget265 November 30, 2013

LOVED LOVED Loved this!!! I marinated it for 48 hours. Then I placed it without the barbque sauce (added a half cup of water) in the crockpot. I thought it would take at least 12 hours but my 4 pound roast took only 7 hours!!! I did not put it in the bbq sauce. It tasted better without the sauce. Thanks for a great recipe that we will make again and again!!

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iamaudra August 18, 2013

Kittencal, I was looking for a pulled pork recipe with things I had on hand and stumbled on this one (and was thrilled it was yours - you are one of my very favorite chefs!). I am not in the least bit surprised you have an orange muse ~ they are special you know! And no, I don't mean window licking, helmet wearing denizens of the short bus special, though they do have their moments (how do I know? I have one too - and he has THUMBS!...) I just popped my picnic shoulder into the fridge and will be back to review (and give stars) once I pop that baby out of the crockpot! Update: OMG - This did NOT disappoint!!! It is the BEST pulled pork recipe I have tried (or eaten for that matter!!!) I used Chris & Pitts BBQ sauce and added a couple of ADDITIONAL teaspoons of cumin + a little shallot powder (about 1tsp) and off I went. Did I forget to mention I used half a head of freshly minced garlic AND the powder? I LOVE garlic! This was SO GOOD if I could give it 10 stars I would. It is the first pulled pork that wasn't over the top sweet or too spicy for me (no folks, I'm not afraid of some spice but there is a point when it becomes about the spice and is then no longer about the flavor). (Oh! I used sweet (not really sweet, it's just what they call it - it's not the spicy one) smoked paprika rather than regular, it's my favorite, I like the smoky flavor). When we ran out of bread, we added avocado and ate it on tortillas the next day - this is the BOMB DIGGITY! Thank you Kittencal! I should know to trust your recipes ~ they always knock it out of the park!

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Babychops April 29, 2013
Delicious Crock Pot Barbecued Pulled Pork