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Elegantly delicious! I assembled the day before and tried using my spritz press for the potato aspect but that did NOT work-clumped up and was not a pretty sight. The next day I set it on the counter before attending church so it would come to room temperature, reheated at 400 for 10 minutes, and then broiled. I served it with a salad, steamed broccoli, and Raspberry Walnut Torte. Ours served 4 people not 6 but it would depend upon how many sides you had too. I used the pepper (we are pepper people). Loved the bay leaf in the bouillon and the parmesan on top! Could not taste any lemon so I would double that the next time. Thank you FrenchBunny for sharing. Made for Everyday is a Holiday game.

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WiGal December 26, 2009

I'd give it a '10' if I could! Wonderful recipe :) I made with half scallops and half shrimp at DH's request and used a good Chardonnay for the broth & sauce. I also added the optional cayenne. I found my piping tools minus the bag so subbed a ziplock bag with the corner cut out to pipe the potatoes around it. I found out after we ate that DH had used my piping bag to fill his windsheild washer fluid b/c he couldn't find a funnel!!! We loved this and will make it many times over in the future I'm sure. Made for ZWT5 - Ali Baba's Babes

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K9 Owned June 11, 2009

OMG! Was this delicious!!!!! One of my favorite restaurants here in Columbus, Ohio serves this dish as an appetizer. It is where I first tried this dish! Now, I cannot go there without ordering it. So I am delighted to find a recipe that I can make myself that is every bit as good as the restaurants'!!! Thanks so much for sharing an awesome recipe! Made for ZWT5 for Ali Baba's Babes.

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jkoch960 June 11, 2009

This is very good! I loved the creamy scallops against the mashed potatoes. My sauce came out a little on the thick side. Thanks for a very comforting meal. ZWT5 ETA: Oh, wow, was this unbelievably good after sitting in the fridge overnight. I think from now on I might actually make the scallops and sauce the day beforehand. I am also wondering about putting in more scallops and thinning down the sauce a little bit.

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Debbie R. June 10, 2009
Delicious Coquilles St. Jacques