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Not a decadent cocoa by any means, but has good flavor, is good for you, and is so simple to make... all very important if you're making this for the reason indicated in the recipe name. ;) I scaled this in half, and used vanilla rice milk in place of soy; since the rice milk is already sweetened, I didn't add any additional sugar, though it probably cuold have used a little. I whipped up in one of my Magic Bullet mugs, then just popped the mug in the microwave, stirred again, and -- *poof* -- just like that, it was ready. How great is that? :) Thanks for sharing!

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Lynne the Pirate Queen January 25, 2009

How much do I love this website? Let me count the ways...I went on here on the off-chance that I could find a hot cocoa recipe made with milk and peanut butter, which I've never had before but was craving for some reason. Lo' and behold, I stumbled upon this delicious recipe. I did tweak a bit to my liking. I used 8 oz. of 2% milk, 3 teaspoons sugar and the rest of the posted ingredients. I mixed by hand with a wire wisk. It mixed together very nicely and was not too thick--just right. The only recommendation I would make is to use 3 teaspoons of sugar to balance out the unsweetened cocoa. Thanks for posting!

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Scribbler515 December 09, 2007
Delicious Cocoa for Pms Sufferers