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How do you improve upon perfection? You can't! All I can do is offer a tip to getting there easier. For the Ritz cracker crumbs -- 1 and 1/2 cups of crumbs is exactly one tube of Ritz crackers. Just squeeze the package with your hands and voila -- instant crumbs. Excellent dish! Thanks.

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Debbie Loves to Cook January 25, 2005

Served this with a standing rib roast, a cranberry-pomegranate pork tenderloin, Kittencal's Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes, and a cranberry pecan spinach salad for Christmas Dinner. Outstanding. The blue cheese complemented the other dishes perfectly and was not overpowering for those who think they do not like blue cheese. The blue cheese adds just enough flavor interest to this dish. I did use bread crumbs instead of crackers, a personal preference. Also, I made the dish the day before, and then baked it just prior to serving. (I think I pulled it out of the fridge a bit before baking to let it start coming to room temp.) Our guests were none the wiser, so for those planning a big meal, add this to your list of make ahead sides. I have since made this a second time using Parmesean cheese instead of blue, as I am taking it to an Italian themed dinner party. After a taste (how could I resist?), I really like the Parmasean, too.

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Rubies January 05, 2010

this was seriously AMAZING. my 5-year old son who I have a hard time feeding veggies said "Mommy, can you make like 10 batches of this next week!" I thought that was so cute. & my husband said wow, this is seriously "happy" food. we served with Broiled salmon, delish

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Rock Star Mama August 18, 2010

This was OK. It was surprisingly lacking in flavor for the amount of blue cheese that was in it. We also added quartered mushrooms and were glad we did. We won't make it again - dishes with that many grams of fat per serving have to be absolutely fantastic for us to make them more than once.

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Paris D May 31, 2012

Delicious!! Instead of 4 cups of broccoli, I used only 2 cups and added in 2 cups of fresh baby spinach.

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Naturalcat April 06, 2012

My mom made this, but instead of cracker crumb topping, she used day old bread, rolled in melted butter. Magnifique!

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PrincessRagamuffin February 22, 2012

This was okay. I LOVE blue cheese and wanted to make this into a full meal so I added some diced up chicken. I didn't have the ritz crackers for the topping to I used panko instead. I would probably consider making it again but as a side and not as a meal. Thank you for the idea though! It most definitely satisfied my craving for blue cheese!

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Sarah Z March 06, 2011

Dh, who loves blue cheese, said it was good but would be better with a little more salt and french fried onions instead of the cracker topping. Something that would be crispier. I did use a modge-podge of crackers left over from a party: Ritz, Chicken in a Biscuit and Wheat Thins, and this made for a delightfully flavorful topping, just not crispy enough. I don't love blue cheese but I did think it was good, if a bit rich. I think I'll play with it a little and see what I can come up with. I do think it would be nice at Easter or Thanksgiving, alongside something sweet or savory, like Ham or cranberry sauce.

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Faux Chef Lael August 19, 2010

I loved the idea of this dish and still do but somehow I ended up with very very mushy broccoli and way too much sauce for my taste. I'd like to play around with this as far as broccoli to sauce ratio and cooking time. I think I would actually have like it a just heated through on the stop top without the cracker crumbs.

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invictus March 28, 2010

Amazing! I doubled the blue cheese because I like it extra blue-cheesy, but once again, Kittencal has posted a winner! Funny thing is, when I first talked about making this as a side, my wife was reluctant (she's not the biggest blue cheese fan), but when I mentioned it was a KittenCal Recipezaar classic, she agreed to try it. Well, I think it is a testament to how great this recipe is that my wife will FINALLY eat something with blue cheese in it! Yummy! As a random side note, it also reheated really well, which meant tasty leftovers for work the next day. Thanks!

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Shaggy Red Chef September 22, 2009
Delicious Blue Cheese Broccoli Casserole