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I made half a recipe of this, and really liked it. I used rehydrated porcini mushrooms in place of the fresh, home made chicken stock, and added some italian seasoning at the end. The nutty taste and chewy texture were really good. Next time I'll try the optional parmesan cheese, and maybe some fresh hers, as well. Thanks for a great side dish!

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IngridH November 24, 2008

GREAT! I made a half recipe with chicken broth and sliced cremini mushrooms. I used a whole can of chicken broth before putting it in the oven because it didn't seem to be enough otherwise, then I ended up adding another half cup of water after the 45 minutes. I wasn't too sure about the mushrooms for some reason but my Hubby absolutely LOVED this. I thought it tasted better after sprinkling some creole seasoning on it. Made for 1-2-3 hit wonders.

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Engrossed April 10, 2008

It's surprising just how much flavor this recipe delivers. I didn't cook the veggies in butter but softened them in water which I added to the casserole a part of the liquid ingredients. I used pot barley because it's what I had on hand. It did take longer but that was no problem, I just allowed for the extra oven time. This makes a TON of barley. I made 2 servings of this recipe and I got at least 6 servings from that amount. I've been trying to use barley more often because of it's low glycemic index. This is a marvelously delicious and very healthy dish. Made for Newest Tag. *UPDATE* With some of the leftover casserole I made a delicious lunch soup today. I just added some more broth and about 1/3 of a can of cream of mushroom soup that was left from something else. It was delicious and so quick because the barley is already cooked. This is a very versatile recipe :D

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Annacia February 28, 2008
Delicious Barley Casserole