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Terrific the way it is posted. No need to add salt since canned items are chocked full of it. Only used 2 tbs of Worcestershire and that seemed plenty. Added celery. Highly recommend a 6 quart pot. My 6 was maxed. I think this would be a good recipe for any meat or poultry. Cooked 6 hours on high. Will save to my favorites. Thanks.

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Wing-Man August 20, 2010

This recipe IS delicious and easy! I cooked it on low instead of high, for 8 hours. We added oregano and potato and left out mushrooms and bay leaves, but otherwise made as directed. I think the wine helped tenderize the meat, and gave the stew great flavor. Next time, we'll add a few more spices, and maybe thicken it with flour for my husband, who likes thicker stews.

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JoyceJoann January 03, 2010

It was no where near done after 4 hours on high, so I let it cook overnight and most of the day on low, turned it up for an hour before dinner. The extra time did the venison good, cubed shoulder roast came out fairly tender. I did add a rounded teaspoon of sugar and 1 teaspoon of celery seed, helped the flavor along. I was out of red wine for cooking, but that surely would have helped it, too. Couldn't be easier, and my husband liked it. Soups are such a great way to get vegetables into your family, and yummy when the weather is nasty! Thanks for this!

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relang7 December 17, 2008
Delicious and Easy Venison Stew in the Crock Pot