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If you don't make this soup after every turkey you cook, you are missing out big-time! I had mine frozen from Christmas, pulled it out and with very little effort or expense had a huge pot of delicious soup. I did simmer an onion, a carrot and celery (which I discarded) with the turkey and the resulting broth was fabulous. The flour and the cream make this soup so creamy, much above an ordinary turkey-rice soup. If you don't want your turkey carcass next holiday, please send it to me! Thanks Kitten for another fabulous recipe!

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Paja January 13, 2008

Hands down my favorite turkey soup recipe. It's delicious, creamy, and so satisfying. And, it's basic, so you can adjust the seasonings as you and your family prefer.

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kathyschaible November 04, 2013

Delicious soup! I had some onions and celery inside my turkey carcass, as well as some fresh herbs. I left some of the herbs, and all the onions and celery to cook with the carcass. I ended up with lots of broth....enough to save for future use. I didn't add any salt, and found I really didn't need it. I'll make this soup again when I have a roast turkey or chicken. Thanks for sharing.

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breezermom November 28, 2011
Delicious After-The-Holiday Turkey-Rice Soup