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I've made these many times over the years and they are delicious! I was going to post the recipe but was surprised to find that it was already here. This is great cold-weather comfort food. After bringing the broth back to a boil after adding the dumplings, be sure to reduce the heat to medium or below. If you have it cooking at more than a gentle simmer the dumplings may fall apart. I also find that they are done before 15 minutes. Watch carefully and stir several times while cooking.

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Crunchy Numbers November 07, 2009

Born and raised in Sussex County and this is nowhere close to how I make my dumplings. I just put a bunch of flour in a bowl, maybe 2 cups or so it doesn't really matter how much and add between 1/4 and 1/2 teaspoon salt, pepper if you like (I like a lot). Add a little water and mix by hand. Continue to add water in small amounts until dough forms a ball and is just barely sticky. If you get it too dry just add more flour (that's why I don't use an exact amount). Divide into fist sized balls and roll out to about 1/8" thick on a very well floured surface. Drop into boiling broth (I only do chicken or beef) and boil until they aren't chewy, or about 10-15 minutes. You want the broth to be about triple the volume of the dumplings for a finished dumpling-in-gravy product or about 5-6 times the volume for a soupy product. I usually make soupy in the summer and gravy in the winter. I cook a whole chicken or roast beef and then slice it and serve the dumplings separate from the meat. For leftovers I add the meat to the dumplings and refrigerate for later.

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meeloscouponacct July 22, 2015

Umm....hmmm. Pure comfort food at it's best. Cooked the dumplings in chicken broth for 15 minutes. Stirred occasionally, then added a rotisserrie chicken, from Costco, shredded.

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emical April 15, 2011

I was born, raised, and have lived in Sussex County, Delaware all my life. I must tell you that this recipe is not the true recipe for our slippery dumplings. We never add baking powder. When I get time, I will post a true Delaware Slippery Dumpling recipe. Debaylady

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Debaylady February 13, 2008
Delaware Slippery Dumplings