Dehydrator Taco Chips

Total Time
12hrs 10mins
10 mins
12 hrs

This recipe is from the Nesco dehydrator website.

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  1. In a blender or food processor, blend together all ingredients at high speed.
  2. Spread mixture thinly onto Fruit Roll Sheets.
  3. Dry at 130° for approximately 10 hours or until dry on one side.
  4. Lift entire corn ring off of Fruit Roll Sheet, turn over and dry for two hours longer or until crisp.
  5. Break into pieces.
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These are a great snack! I used a mexican cheese blend instead of just chedder and red bell peppers. They taste and smell great!

Sorry. My kids disliked these and I found them very strange tasting.

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I love this dehydrator is my new favorite "thang' and this is the first thing other that fruit i have used it for...the experimentation in flavoring the chips is what make this recipe a wonderful gift...the color of the pepper used gives the chips their unique appearance and playing with spices and add-ins like sesame poppy seeds, sea salt, cracked pepper ...i made different batches different ways to create "mixed chips" :) i do not have the "Fruit Roll Sheets" (yet... but want to try those) and have been using parchment paper which has work just favorite discovery in experimentation was to use cottage cheese instead of grated cheddar...i seemed to like that combo with red pepper, chipotle and B&W sesame seeds the best (plus they looked so cool)!.... but it was ALL GOOD!!! - Thanks Mercy