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The taste of these is PHENOMENAL, which was great considering it's the first raw recipe I've ever made. I must admit, though, I screwed around with it quite a bit. I do wish I had read the first review - I would have halved the amount of oil it called for. I used 14 (portabella) mushrooms and felt like I could have used probably four or five more. We had a little leftover pesto which we used with some crackers and they were wonderful. I omitted the pine nuts (because I didn't have any) and replaced it with more walnuts. I didn't have basil, so I used fresh spinach. I didn't even have olive oil, and just used canola. Everything still tasted fantastic.

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hobochan October 04, 2011

These are raw, vegan, & delicious!! I have used this recipe for quite sometime and always find that using half the called for olive oil works best for us. I will however lightly coat the exposed mushroom in olive oil before popping into the dehydrator - just so they don't dry out too much. Thanks for posting!!

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Mindelicious May 27, 2010
Dehydrator Pesto-Stuffed Mushrooms