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This is an excellent snack when prepared in a dehydrator, as it was intended. Adjust the seasoning to get more or less spiciness, to taste. The flavors condense when the liquid is removed by the dehydrator. The chips curl up like Pringles when they are done. They are delicious.

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cynthiacapozzi November 26, 2007

These are great! I used plain cottage cheese and added my own chives since that's what I had on hand. I've also made these using a dry ranch powder instead of the onion, cayenne, and garlic powder. I think it's a great recipe as is, and a good starting point for making adjustments to your own taste!

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Ghislainedel July 15, 2012

To be fair, I don't have a dehydrator (and don't want one) but I wondered what would happen if I fixed these in an oven. You don't - lets leave it at that. However, not to be undaunted, I used the remainder of the Chivy Cheese mixture as a dip with baby carrots and celery. With full undertanding that this isn't a dip at the start, rest assured - it still isn't a dip. It was very bland - even I - who doesn't particulary like hot sause - tried to spice this up with Tabasco sauce. It still isn't a dip. BDavis - Hudson, FL

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The Thorn of Hudson, FL October 17, 2006
Dehydrator Chivy Cheese Chips