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These are yummy!! & FUN!!! :) I made this as part of the "My - 3 - Chefs 2008"...my theme being "Dehydrator Delights" and these roll-ups are delightful indeed...:) I did these as stated but can tell that I might have fun using the basic idea to play with for other "dehydtrated PIE creations" {{lol}} :)...different fruit purees (even mixing things) with other nut and spice combos would be fun experiments for the future. - it would also be cool to introduce yogurt/ or tofu/ or cottage cheese {!!??!!}- they all melt differently (I can't wait to try) :)... I have been using parchment paper instead of the fruit sheets that the "Nesco" "peeps" sell and so far I have had no problems other than perhaps my fruit leather has not been the prettiest in appearance ... IMO with this particular recipe the texture from the nuts and some of the chunky bits of apple makes them more interesting, they don't look all "slick" & "factory made"...they taste quite cookie like & you feel that happy cookie feeling while you snack with less guilt!!! :)...we were jokingly calling them "Space Pies"...-'cause we are silly...I love my Dehydrator and I love discovering new ways to utilize it and surprise people with neat treats!!! - Thanks Mercy:)

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free-free June 08, 2008
Dehydrator Cheesy Apple Pie Roll-ups