Dee's Green Beans in Crock Pot

Total Time
5hrs 30mins
30 mins
5 hrs

Everyone cooks this and it's one of my favorite meals in the spring. I'm just writing it down for the kids.

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  1. Chop bacon into bite size pieces; chop onion into small pieces; chop green beans into small pieces.
  2. Layer all ingredients into crock pot so everything is mixed; add enough water to cover. Add bouillon. Cook till tender--I start in morning and it's ready in evening.
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Dee, this was absolutely TO DIE FOR!!! So easy, yet so wonderfully flavorful! I can't believe the difference that adding the chicken boullion cube made!!! OMG!!! You should publish this one! I promise, this is a DEFINITE KEEPER in my house!!! I'll never do my green beans any other way! Just marvelous!!! (NO LEFTOVERS!! The kids LOVED this!) Thank you so much for posting this! :)

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It was terrible, sorry.

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This makes A LOT if green beans! Made it for Christmas dinner and it sure was pretty setting on the table! However, (this may be MY crock acting up), it was not done! 8 hrs later and the beans were still pretty crunchy... the potatoes were done and the bacon was done too... but the beans still had a bit to go... I transferred them into a pot on the stove and let them boil for a bit, and this did help... but it delayed dinner... The flavor was good though! If I make these again, I would cut down on the bacon... it made the "broth" pretty greasy...