Dee's Beef Liver and Onions

Total Time
10 mins
30 mins

I cook mine a little bit different with bacon grease and onions, and then steam that puppy a while until it is tender and makes its own gravy.

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  1. Cook bacon; remove bacon and set aside.
  2. Put sliced onion in the same frying pan and fry a little.
  3. Mix the flour and season salt together. Dredge liver in the flour mixture.
  4. Move onion over to the side.
  5. Add floured liver to the fry pan. Fry until brown on one side.
  6. Flip liver over and place onion on top.
  7. Brown on other side.
  8. Add 1 cup water; cover and simmer on low heat until gravy forms, about 20 minutes.