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This was my first attempt at making a vegan cake. I followed the recipe exactly and it came out overly chewy, almost rubbery consistency. Maybe I didn't bake it long enough...I'm not sure. Thanks for the recipe it was a fun experiment.

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chefhilbill June 01, 2005

This is not bad. I added about 3/4 c chocolate chips and 1/2 c dried cherries soaked in a couple of tablespoons of Framboise (raspberry liqueur). It got it close to what I was looking for, but overall, the flavor is not chocolaty enough for me. It is improved by drizzling with chocolate syrup and topping with whipped cream, which sort of defeats the healthy aspects of the recipe. :) I made cake-in-a-jar with this recipe, dividing the batter into 8 1/2 pint widemouth jars and putting the lids on immediately after baking. They're keeping well and providing me with my necessary chocolate cake fix every once in a while.

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kitchengrrl October 03, 2004
Deep Vegan Cake (Chocolate Cake) Made Lighter