Total Time
24hrs 40mins
Prep 40 mins
Cook 24 hrs

I purchased a fresh pork picnic for the first time, very cheap 68 cents a pound, never thought of buying one before, smoked...yes not fresh. VERY few ideas on how to prepare them, just for pulled pork and so that's what I did, I used Gail2293 for the Barbecue Sauce(it was AWESOME!) Best Barbecue Sauce. I found this recipe from

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  1. Place one of the sliced onions in the bottom of a large crock pot, than add the pork picnic roast on top of the onions. Add the whole cloves and water, top the pork with the other sliced onion. Cover and cook on low for overnight or for 8-12 hours.
  2. Remove meat from crock pot, drain and discard the cloves, you can save the onions to add with the barbecue sauce if you like (I did). Discard all the fat and bones, shred the meat as you replace it in the crock pot. Add barbecue sauce, and chopped onion, mix well. Cover and cook high 3-5 hours or low 8-12. Serve from the crock pot on large buns.
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While the pork was tender, it really didn't have any flavor on it's own. We added extra sauce to give it more flavor. Super easy to make. Next time I'd add a rub to the pork before cooking or at very least, some liquid smoke. I used a crock pot liner, so clean up was super easy!

whtbxrmom April 27, 2013

When I got the pork out of the fridge to get ready for the crockpot I read the label and was confused.... what the heck was a pork picnic!?! I obviously grabbed the wrong thing at the store. I was so happy to find a recipe posted on here using it in the same manner for which I intended!!! My pork picnic was a little over 4 pounds. I followed your recipe and even your suggestion to use Best Barbecue Sauce - Wonderful! Everyone loved it! I found that the pork was done in about 6 hours and I only let it cook shredded in the sauce for about an hour or so. Perfect!

NcMysteryShopper August 31, 2008