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These are pretty darn tasty ~ instead of frying garlic AND olives, I used Jumbo garlic stuffed olives. I would make these again!!!

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Chef Petunia May 17, 2007

I tried this recipe because my curiosity was piqued .. deep fried garlic?deep fried olives??? have to give that a go LOL! I expected semi crunchy garlic and olive mush.. instead I got soft mellow garlic and wonderful deep olive tang. I had had mega garlic-ed my olives in the fridge for a week (Olives Italian Style # 140092)and the hard edge of the garlic had mellowed into an awesome soft taste where you just HAD to keep coming back for 'just one more" so I used these in this recipe and they were wonderful. Personally, I liked the olives much better than the deep fried garlic and took a little plate of them all to myself. DH on the other hand, loved the garlic better than the olives; he said that they were soft and almost bland in the eating but a few seconds later, the most wonderful after-taste kicked in and, heck just one more.... he sneaked out to the kitchen before the rest of dinner was ready and came back with a confession that he'd eaten not just the plateful that was photographed, but also the rest (about as much again) in one sitting!!! The one and only reason I give this 4 stars and not 5 is that I don't have a slave who will stand and peel these little morsels and DH now expects a double recipe ! the dipping takes some time too (admittedly I am slow) so it's a wonderful Appitizer, but a lot of work to prepare for an appitizer. With this amount of work involved I will definiately keep this for a romantic dinner for two and not for when the hordes invade the house for dinner parties. Please see my rating system, an excellent 4 stars ! Thanks !!!

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kiwidutch January 26, 2006
Deep-Fried Garlic Cloves and Green Olives