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This is a very easy way to make apple pies I love it. I'm just disappointed if you truly want deep dish pie you need at least 20 medium apples & of course you will have to adjust all your other ingredient's.

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gal 5698 November 21, 2012

Holy cow amazing. There's rarely a pie that tastes better than it looks. The crust is the best I've ever had. I've made it twice now, both times with amazing results. The only downside is that it is not the simplest recipe. It is worth the time, although I recommend making more than one at a time and freezing the extra for after the finish of pie #1. That should be about 24 hours or less if I recall correctly.

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Hahnman11 September 01, 2012

I saw the episode of America's Test Kitchen where they made this pie and had to make it myself. It's a little bit of time and effort (especially making the crust) but it turned out so good! The crust was amazing and very flaky and buttery and the apples were perfectly cooked. I've tried making several apple pies and this was by far the best of the bunch. This is the one I'm making from now on!

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Pismo January 12, 2009

I generally use the recipe from the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, which produced a pie we like and I have always gotten good feedback on. I decided on a whim to try a new recipe and chose this because it is from Cooks Magazine and Americas Test Kitchen, both of which I consider reliable sources for quality recipes.<br/><br/>I became skeptical because of the additional time (and mess) involved with this version as compared to my old standard, however I followed it faithfully (minus the lemon as I didn't have any handy). It was pretty worth it!<br/><br/>The crust is easily the best pie crust I have ever made or eaten, hands down, no contest. The filling was okay, while the apples where tender I prefer more spices and also some thickened juices in with the fruit rather than only fruit. I might still pre-cook the filling next time, but I will try reserving and thickening some of the juice and adding additional spice to better suit my personal taste. This recipe does eliminate the soupy, wet bottomed pie problem that can occur when the juices don't thicken sufficiently though, and perhaps if we had served it al la mode we wouldn't have even missed them.<br/><br/>That said, this pie is solid and the crust is perfect. If you follow the recipe as is the results won't disappoint.

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deannascoupon April 24, 2014
Deep-Dish Apple Pie