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DELICIOUS!!! This is the same recipe I had found awhile ago on another website, except it had a different name, (Black Magic Cake). Regardless of what the recipe is called, it is excellent! Very moist, deep chocolatey, and fluffy. I used brewed expresso instead of strong coffee, and I used nonfat plain yogurt in place of buttermilk. I also used Dutch Processed Cocoa instead of natural Cocoa in both the cake and the icing, then I lightly frosted the cake with my fatfree icing made with brewed expresso, cocoa powder, and confectioner's sugar.

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Meryl January 08, 2003

Fantastic taste, and an unbelievably soft and spongy texture! I made this for a friend's birthday, and the poor guy got only 1 tiny piece because all my other friends gobbled this up! The only problem I had with this cake was that it got stuck to the pan even after greasing and flouring it. Some Zaar folks suggested greasing and flouring the pan, then lining it with parchment paper, and greasing and flouring it again. Or, next time, I'll just serve this straight out of the pan! I don't have a hand blender, so I whisked the liquid ingredients separately using a wire whisk, and then added them to the flour mixture, whisking vigourously. I iced this with Sharlene's Silky Vanilla Butter Frosting (#23715).

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Anu May 07, 2002

Wow.. what a cake! I took your advice Lennie and made this for a birthday. Everyone loved it. The only problem was that the cake stuck to the pans. I did grease and flour it, but I didn't think to put waxed paper on the bottom. For anyone who is going to make this cake as a layer cake, grease, flour, and line the bottom of your tins with wax paper. I frosted this moist and yummy cake with Classic Buttercream Frosting by ~Christine~ and it was FABULOUS! A perfect pair.

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Cooking to Perfection August 07, 2002

Wow, Lennie! You have gone and DONE it!! This is incredible. I read Anu's review, so used the parchment paper. It came out of the pans perfect. This is so moist, rich, soft, delicious!! This cake is wonderful!!! I used my hot fudge sauce with this, only because that's what the family wanted. And some of them plopped a scoop of ice-cream alongside! What a treat. We all stuffed ourselves! This is going to get a lot of use! Thanks Lennie!

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MizzNezz May 30, 2002

This is "way yum" as the kids would say. Only problem- it stuck to the pan a little. Used a loaf tin so it took a little longer to cook, I think my oven has been over worked. Will definitely be making this again. Super moist, super chocolaty.

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Sueie May 07, 2002

This is a superb chocolate cake! Very moist with an extra richness of flavour given by the coffee. I'm not usually a fan of chocolate cake but I made this for my husband and had to test it. I ended up having two pieces! This really is the best one I have ever tasted. I used Vanilla Butter Icing #23465 on it. Just fantastic, thanks!

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dale! April 24, 2002

This is a great cake!! I made it yesterday .. I frosted it with vanilla frosting, a layer of chocolate frosting and another of vanilla in the middle .. heavenly

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najwa May 19, 2002

Honestly, I think I have died and gone to heaven. My goodness, this cake is indescribably good. It it truly good. I didn't have buttermilk so I did the old vinegar and skim milk, but it still came out surpassing my expectations! I used chocolate frosting rather than white, only because if you are going to have chocolate this good, why spoil it. Lennie, thank you for sharing!

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BarbaraK February 21, 2002

I saw that people were having trouble when using the 9" rounds. I put a good flour coating on the pan and they came right out with minimal flour on the cake that brushed right off. Everyone raved about this cake. I also used the Classic Buttercream Frosting #10211 which was perfect with this cake.

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Delete This Account September 02, 2002

A true five star recipe. Cake doesn't get much better, or simpler to make than this. I used a 9X13 pan, but did encounter a bit of difficulty getting it out (must buy parchment paper). While it may have looked a bit funny, its taste was incredible. Moist and rich, with an ultra-chocolately taste. An incredible treat. Thanks Lennie. I followed Anu's lead and also used Sharlene's Silky Vanilla Butter Frosting (#23715), which was just perfect (though the cake was just fine without frosting too).

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s'kat August 19, 2002
Deep Dark Chocolate Cake