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I am on a mission to find the best frosting for my baby's birthday party...so I am going to be really hard on this recipe (that's why it gets 4 stars instead of 5). In terms of its ability to hold shape it gets 5 stars-for sure! And, yes, the flavor is not shortening-y which is great. The only "problem" I have with it is that it is super sweet...and that is coming from someone with a major sweet tooth. I did cut it with salt in the vanilla as suggested but it was still pretty sugary for me. Otherwise this is awesome! Thanks Marg....

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jennyblender May 01, 2011

I had to taste this multiple times to be sure , but this icing is perfect! Most decorator icing is just way too sweet. This is perfect. (I used butter flavored Crisco out of necessity)

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Emily Elizabeth May 18, 2010

This was great for piping. I am still not crazy about the flavor of shortening based frostings though, hence the 4 stars. Works great for decorating so will used again for that! I may decrease the amount of shortening next time to help with the flavor for me. Or may some butter flavored shortening would help. Hmmmmm that's a thought. :) I have been using the butter flavored shortening for awhile now. It will play with your colors but the flavor is good. Update: 2008 I noticed the icing seemed off for a while now. I was nosing through some cake sights and noticed a mention of Crisco changing the fat content. People were saying it really changed their icing recipes so they switched to the cheaper shortenings and it fixed the problem. Well I did the same and now only use shortenings that haven't removed the trans fats. I know it is bad for you but hey how often to do you eat cake right?

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grunig August 21, 2008

In an overly ambitious moment of hubris, I offered to make a cake serving 25 people for a baby shower, Mom is a superb baker and decorator and I have assisted her many times but this was my first time striking out on my own. I made a double batch of this one to cover a two layer 10 by 13 cake and had plenty to do a crumb layer, frost the cake and do a fair amount of adornment (the cake had a fruit filling but would have had enough icing for a fill layer.). The icing was a hit in terms of ease and flavor, It was just the right consistency for frosting and piping; soft enough for movement but firm enough to hold body and shape. Taste was also sensational creamy and smooth, buttery and silky. I used half clear vanilla and half bakery essence in mine. Not a thing I could say but thank you for sharing.

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justcallmetoni May 30, 2008

This was good icing and simple to make. We found we did need to add in about double the amount of milk called for though. Thanks for the recipe

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Cilantro in Canada June 06, 2010

Excellent decorator icing! I used 1 1/2 tsp of almond extract in place of the vanilla for the cake I was working on and only 1 tsp of water (I needed a stiff icing for flowers to hold up) and this fit the bill! Very easy to work with and tastes great!! Thanks for posting!

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xpnsve January 10, 2010

Excellent recipe! I made two batches today to ice cupcakes for a baby shower at work tomorrow afternoon. One batch was as posted... though I needed 4T milk to make it soft enough to use with a decorating bag with star tip. The second batch I altered slightly by using 1t lemon extract and 1/2 t vanilla extract and tinting the frosting pale yellow to go on top of Lemonade Cupcakes. The first batch topped cupcakes made from Deep Dark Chocolate Moist Cake. The frosting was light, fluffy and not too sweet. One batch was enough to ice 24 cupcakes using a star tip and decorating bag.

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Impera_Magna March 30, 2008

Great frosting for decorating! I love it, and yes, it tastes great! I used it for a baby shower cake that was an 11x14 inch cake and it was perfect to frost, do a little piping, and writing something on it. Thanks so much!

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~*Miss Diggy*~ July 15, 2008

This is the best buttercream I've found for when I need it to hold it's shape as well as not melt for outdoor events. I add a little salt to the vanilla before mixing it in to cut down a little on the sweetness, but overall a good recipe!

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Kristen L. February 12, 2016

Easy to make, not overly sweet, nice mouth feel, great, smooth consistency for both crumb layer and bag decorating. This will be my go to recipe from now on.

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Paula Y. January 22, 2016
Decorator Buttercream Icing