Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

I always use this when I decorate cakes and I get many, many compliments on the wonderful taste. It is not that usual shortening-and-sugar-bakery-icing taste. If I am not using it to decorate a cake with, I use my all butter variation: Butter Cream Icing (Buttercream Frosting).

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  1. Cream butter and shortening then add vanilla.
  2. Add sugar a cup at a time beating on medium speed.
  3. Add milk 1 Tbls. at a time and beat on high until completely blended.
  4. TIP: To cut the sweetness I usually sprinkle some salt in the vanilla (so it will dissolve) before proceeding with recipe as instructed.
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I am on a mission to find the best frosting for my baby's birthday I am going to be really hard on this recipe (that's why it gets 4 stars instead of 5). In terms of its ability to hold shape it gets 5 stars-for sure! And, yes, the flavor is not shortening-y which is great. The only "problem" I have with it is that it is super sweet...and that is coming from someone with a major sweet tooth. I did cut it with salt in the vanilla as suggested but it was still pretty sugary for me. Otherwise this is awesome! Thanks Marg....

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I had to taste this multiple times to be sure , but this icing is perfect! Most decorator icing is just way too sweet. This is perfect. (I used butter flavored Crisco out of necessity)

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This was great for piping. I am still not crazy about the flavor of shortening based frostings though, hence the 4 stars. Works great for decorating so will used again for that! I may decrease the amount of shortening next time to help with the flavor for me. Or may some butter flavored shortening would help. Hmmmmm that's a thought. :) I have been using the butter flavored shortening for awhile now. It will play with your colors but the flavor is good. Update: 2008 I noticed the icing seemed off for a while now. I was nosing through some cake sights and noticed a mention of Crisco changing the fat content. People were saying it really changed their icing recipes so they switched to the cheaper shortenings and it fixed the problem. Well I did the same and now only use shortenings that haven't removed the trans fats. I know it is bad for you but hey how often to do you eat cake right?