Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

I always use this when I decorate cakes and I get many, many compliments on the wonderful taste. It is not that usual shortening-and-sugar-bakery-icing taste. If I am not using it to decorate a cake with, I use my all butter variation: Butter Cream Icing (Buttercream Frosting).

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  1. Cream butter and shortening then add vanilla.
  2. Add sugar a cup at a time beating on medium speed.
  3. Add milk 1 Tbls. at a time and beat on high until completely blended.
  4. TIP: To cut the sweetness I usually sprinkle some salt in the vanilla (so it will dissolve) before proceeding with recipe as instructed.
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I had to taste this multiple times to be sure , but this icing is perfect! Most decorator icing is just way too sweet. This is perfect. (I used butter flavored Crisco out of necessity)

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In an overly ambitious moment of hubris, I offered to make a cake serving 25 people for a baby shower, Mom is a superb baker and decorator and I have assisted her many times but this was my first time striking out on my own. I made a double batch of this one to cover a two layer 10 by 13 cake and had plenty to do a crumb layer, frost the cake and do a fair amount of adornment (the cake had a fruit filling but would have had enough icing for a fill layer.). The icing was a hit in terms of ease and flavor, It was just the right consistency for frosting and piping; soft enough for movement but firm enough to hold body and shape. Taste was also sensational creamy and smooth, buttery and silky. I used half clear vanilla and half bakery essence in mine. Not a thing I could say but thank you for sharing.

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This was good icing and simple to make. We found we did need to add in about double the amount of milk called for though. Thanks for the recipe