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For crystal clear ice cubes, boil the water first, cool it, then freeze with the additions in each cube section of the tray. During the summer I keep a supply of these cubes in the freezer for refreshing cool drinks.

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foodtvfan June 20, 2007

I tried this wth mint sprigs. I had several issues with this. First, I used a mini muffin tin as the mold and the ice cracked and expanded out of the mold. But the funniest thing was that as the ice melted, the mint "bloomed" in the glass. It freaked out the kids. I no konger own an ice cube try because my refrigerator automatibits cally makes ice. I plan to buy a plasic try at the dollar store and try this again with bits of fruit instead. The I will re-rate this recipe.

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Chef Maria #2 June 08, 2010
Decorative Ice Cubes or Ice Mold