Decadent Tasting Ginger Pear Oatmeal

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 3 mins

This was my decadent tasting gift to myself this morning (in an attempt to avoid all the baked goods that keep cropping up at work this holiday season). I modeled it on toni gifford's Ginger Peach Oatmeal #112474 which I love and eat often. But this is just enough different that I decided to post it so I'll remember. I loved it, but I love candied ginger. In fact, I may add more next time.

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  1. Place the 1 cup water in a pan and bring it to a boil.
  2. When it is boiling add the oatmeal and cook for 30 seconds to a minute. Then add the ginger and stir.
  3. Wait a moment and add the canned pears and stir.
  4. At this point the oatmeal should be done, but if you like it mushier feel free to let it cook longer.
  5. Transfer the oatmeal and fruit to a bowl. Sprinkle the brown sugar substitute (or real brown sugar if you are so inclined) over the top. Then drizzle the half and half over the top.
  6. Stir it all together and enjoy.
Most Helpful

Very cool, I loved the ginger and it was great spicing up my oatmeal for breakfast this morning, thanks.

kelly in TO December 13, 2007

This was really nice, I'm not really a ginger fan but the taste was so subtle & not overpowering. I didn't need to add any sweetner as the crytallized ginger & pears were enough for me & instead of water I used a little pear juice & milk combined.

**Mandy** August 12, 2007

I made this in the rice cooker using regular Quaker Oats as in the recipe Oatmeal Cooked in a Rice Cooker . I cooked the oatmeal as normal but threw in the ginger, brown sugar, and pear for the last 5 minutes of cook-time. I defeated the low fat-low sugar plan by using real brown sugar and real half and half. I also used fresh pear. This was the first time I've ever tried candied ginger, and I'm not sure I like it, but it was really neat the way I'd get these sudden flavor bursts of the candied ginger. The rest of the recipe was divine (just sweet enough, good texture, etc.) and if you really like candied ginger, this is a top-notch recipe! Thanks ladypit for a yummy new breakfast treat.

helowy January 25, 2007