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Works well with diced yolk sprinkled over eggs and a dash of paprika for taste and color. Also good with whole or skimmed milk.

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ChefChristoph December 27, 2012

Mmmmm! This satisfied my pregnancy cravings for what my husband's family calls "muck on toast" Keeping with their traditions I added 3 slices of crumbled bacon to the mix. Thanks!

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Babybub December 18, 2011

This tasted exactly like the "Golden-Rod Eggs" that my mother used to make for me. Unfortunately, she unexpectedly passed away when I was 13, and she took all her recipes with her... Since I've grown up, I've spent a lot of time reconstructing recipes and tastes in my mind to fit childhood memories. Thanks for posting this one, it's nearly spot on! I had a little trouble with the roux part as my butter and flour became a big sticky ball. I tried to chop it up into small pieces with the flat of the spatula, but wasn't getting too far. I then decided that perhaps the cream would dissolve the roux, so I started to add the little bits of cream. Finally I had reached the full amount call for and I had what amounted to a stew of floating roux in a cream soup... I knew I had to have made a mistake somewhere so I quickly broke out my immersion blender and saved the meal in a couple quick pulsing froths. Once I achieved the desired creamy mixture, I added my chopped egg whites and reserved the yokes for a topping in a bowl after squishing them through a garlic press to make tiny cylinder shaped yoke beads. I submitted some pictures of what the final product looked like so please enjoy and know that my whole family loved the meal! We poured the tasty gravy over the wheat toast then topped with the egg yokes.

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Ian Magary April 09, 2010

What a treat! I don't eat eggs very often, but when I do I like them creamy and no orange eye looking back at me! The first time I made this it was as written and was a keeper. Then I made it again and added a bit of lemon juice and a dash of smoked paprika. That was good to. This is one of those recipes that you will make again and again, and you can make it to your tastes. Creamy Eggs rocks! Thanks for sharing!

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Miss Annie March 18, 2010

So good, rich, creamy and impressive After reading some comments about flavor I decided to add some fresh garlic and even a teaspoon of crushed red peppers (did forget to sprinkle with paprika which would have been pretty. Toasted homemade caraway rye bread to serve over with a side of bacon and even a special treat of Mimosas; oh so good. Love this and while can't have often with all the calories it makes for a lovely occasional treat.

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Bonnie G #2 November 13, 2013

I decided to try this for supper last night to use up some extra eggs. Wow was it good! I added a pinch of dry mustard to the recipe and doubled it. I served it over hash brown patties and the boys couldn't get enough. My 8 year old cleaned his plate, smacked his lips and asked for more. I heated up the few spoonfuls that was left for my lunch today and my college aged boy asked me to make it again tonight. I never expected such a simple dish to be so yummy. The best part was that everyone loved it, which is a rarity in my house. Thanks puppitypup, I'll be making this over and over.

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Honey Bea September 17, 2013

Just like my Mom used to make. She feed all seven of us kids this stuff and we couldn't get enough of it! We were big eaters so she used 2 or 3 dozen eggs. lol Thank you for posting this lovely memory from my past.

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Suellen Anderson November 08, 2012

Wow! Got up this morning and saw you were "chef of the day" and decided to make this for breakfast. Very rich, but delish. They only thing I added was a pinch of seasoned salt (my husband likes this spice combination). Due to some health issues, next time I am going to try some cream and fat free milk combo to see if I can lower the fat and cholesterol. (and hopefully still taste good) For those making this, I would suggest NOT using margarine. You just won't get the same rich taste. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

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Gadgetsmidnight July 11, 2010

This was excellent. In place of the cream I used part half and half and part milk. I also added some Cheddar Cheese for additional flavor.

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GreenEyesCO September 23, 2009
Decadent Creamed Eggs on Toast