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Delicious and easy. The crust was the hardest part. I saved time and dishes to clean by melting the chips and milk in the microwave in the same bowl I prepared the crust in. Thanks for sharing this Sassycook.

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985395 October 11, 2008

I'm torn about how to rate this recipe. I am a chocolate lover and really have a sweet tooth but even so I almost felt like I was eating spoonfuls of sugar. I think I'd rather have a really good piece of chocolate as this is the only flavor that really shined through. My ds8 on the other hand loved them and gives these 5 stars. My other issues were with the recipe itself. The chocolate chips and sweetened condensed milk did not become anything that could be pourable or even spreadable once melted. I tried my best to spread it but since the recipe did not indicate to cool the crust I did not. The filling and the crust actually became one in this step after much frustration. All and all I would probably make a half batch again (because they are just so sweet), cool the crust before adding the melted chocolate and condensed milk and maybe add butter to this step to make it more user friendly.

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invictus January 10, 2009

I tried this recipe last night so here are my thoughts on it. For one thing it's very simple to put together which I like. I enjoyed the taste of the cookie bars but I couldn't get past the texture of them. The crust was fine but the semisweet chocolate part had kind of a dry and flaky texture to it; not what I was expecting. Maybe I'm just too used to soft, moist brownies or something. Thanks for the recipe but I won't be making it again.

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StephanieNS November 10, 2008

Death by chocolate X 3 indeed!!! Its very very rich BUT very very nice too. Yes, I agree, small pieces are best! I didnt have semi sweet choc chips so cut up a slab of dark chocolate instead. Worked perfectly! Also shaved a slab of milk chocolate for the topping and added chopped nuts too. Super!

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Judi90 December 06, 2007

I had a small can of condensed milk and did not check if it was 14 ounces and I think it was not enough. Despite my mistake these still turned out fantastic. My family could hardly wait till these cooled enough to try the. They loved them, but they get even better as they cool. Thanks for the recipe.

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Cilantro in Canada September 15, 2007

I'm giving your recipe five stars before I even try it. Now I'm off to the store for the ingredients!

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Miss Eve September 07, 2007

Decadent is a great name for these amazing tasty chocolatey treats. I made as written except for leaving out the nuts.I used butter and the white condensed milk. They look, smell and taste great. Thanks for sharing.

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Robyn:) May 27, 2007

I think these sweet confections would please the most ardent of chocoholics :) My food processor made quick work of the crust, and I used a double boiler to melt together the chocolate and condensed milk. I stirred in the vanilla AFTER the chocolate was melted so its flavor wouldn't dissipate. Alongside fresh strawberries, the bars made a pretty and tasty combination for dessert on Mother's Day.

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Northwest Lynnie May 14, 2007

I have not tried this recipe. My copy of this recipe is slightly different. It calls for 1 pkg chocolate chips and 1 cup walnuts chopped. The rest is the same. Thanks for posting! Christine (internetnut)

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internetnut April 25, 2007

Wow these are amazing chocolate treats. My family loves chocolate and went crazy over these. I made a few alterations. I doubled the recipe and only had 300 ml cans of sweetened condensed milk (vanilla) so I added a little milk as a substitute. I also added about 4-5 tbsp of kahlua. I used baking chocolate (chopped) instead of chocolate chips. Topped the bars with chopped milk chocolate for a really smooth finish (I only used 12 oz even though I doubled the recipe). For the base I used a high quality cocoa. I cooled these for 30 minutes on cooling racks and then cooled in the fridge for an hour before slicing. The recipe as is would not taste any less delicious so I would make either version. The baker's chocolate merely melts better and is a higher quality taste.

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Luvfood December 24, 2006
Decadent Chocolate Cookie Bars