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Yes, I finally made this recipe to celebrate the completion of a class on creativity. This was my creative project and it was quite a job. The only real difficulty I had was trimming the meringue layer. It is good to do this in stages, but refrigerating the chocolate mousse was a mistake - I had to try and get it pliable enough to use in a pastry bag by using short burst of the microwave - very tricky! It was delicious and very impressive - not to mention quite expensive. FYI - Marcel uses grocery store Baker's Chocolate in his restaurant and it was good enough for me! I don't know if I will ever do it again in total, but all the components were terrific - especially the Mocha Rum sauce. Good luck! It is worth the trouble at least once in your life. Sundowner02

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Sundowner02 April 22, 2009

Made this about 20 years ago. It took days to complete, and tasted absolutely phenomenal. But I was so sick of the repeated mess of all the steps that I couldn't even get down one piece! Good thing everyone else was totally blown away by it. This is one that you have to really want to make, as it's very time-consuming and demanding. Not for a beginner, for sure. It's a little easier to do piecemeal, i.e. make the brownie layers one day and freeze (thaw before assembling if you plan on eating it soon after completion,) make the meringue the next day. Best to make the mousses and ganache the day you're going to assemble. Be prepared for a chocolate mess from one end of your kitchen to the other! I found it helpful to just throw things in the dishwasher as soon as I used them, but you'd better plan to have plenty of bowls to use for the various steps. I shaved a dark chocolate over the whole thing just before serving. Kodak moment! Although it's a lengthy process, the end result, both in presentation as well as taste, is more than worth it. Fit for your most important occasions.

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baricat October 29, 2011
Death by Chocolate a La Trellis