Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

This stuff works! Will even de-scent a roadkilled skunk. Has to be made fresh every time.


  1. Mix together, use immediately.
  2. Just pour over whatever got skunked and
  3. rinse off with tap water.
  4. Works far better than tomato juice and is a lot cheaper.
Most Helpful

Thanks - this works well. We seem to have a skunk that visits frequently. This really helped neutralize the odor!

Acerast October 25, 2011

thank you for posting this for me lol you have done a great service dee

Dienia B. September 01, 2005

This really does work. I never rinsed it off my dog. My recipe calls for 16oz of water to be added but maybe I will try it this way next time. I have also used it on the carpet after a piddle puppy had an accident and it removed that odor also. Depending on how bad the odor of skunk is you may have to repeat it but this is a great recipe!!

Tammy Z September 01, 2005