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First off let me say these ribs tasted so great and are such full of wonderful different flavors! We did three St. Louis cut racks of spareribs and they turned out perfect. I followed your recipe exactly except I used recipe Garlic Seasoning #115793 by Dancer for the garlic seasoning in the recipe. I wanted to let you know I checked this recipe out online and found it also took 1/4 cup of celery salt and I didn't see that ingredient listed in your recipe so you might want to check that out. Thank you for posting such a wonderful recipe Hey Jude....

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Sheri-BDB April 26, 2006

The rub provides a great flavor but it's far too salty. Cut the salt and it would be very good. Haven't compared the authenticity of the recipe side-by-side with ribs from Famous Dave's.

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sdf s. September 02, 2015

This is by far the worst barbecue ribs I ever had. The amount of salt used in this recipe has got to be a joke. After six hours of grilling the only flavor that comes through is salt.
Save your money and do not waste your time on this one By the way the ribs at Famous Daves were great, but this cannot be the recipe.
By mike & flo

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mike & flo September 05, 2012
Dave's Rib Rub and Pit Barbecue Ribs