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I have a 6 hour final tomorrow (no breaks) so I'll be sipping on this and munching on spiced walnuts to keep me going through the day. I used fresh dates of Bam as the Medjool were too expensive, but it still tasted great! I processed the dates with half the water to make it smoother, then added the remaining water and passed through a sieve to remove any left over pieces of skin for an extra creamy drink. Thanks for sharing the recipe, I'll be making this again -- this is exactly what I was looking for for my exam!!!

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Geniale Genie May 15, 2011

Wonderful!!! DD (toddler) and I drank this up quickly. I use Parnoosh soft honey dates. I used about 2 1/4 cups spring water, great with no freshly squeezed orange juice doing proper food combining yet I tried it with 1 orange no pith and squeezed the rest of the juice in as well and it makes for a nice flavour, yet I feel it's better on the body without. I will make this with soft dates often when I want some energy!

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UmmBinat January 09, 2011
Dateorade (Raw Vegan)