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Yes you can buy the syrup in a jar but it is so easy to make. I did have dates so this was much easier to make then running to a specialty store for the product. Also called Date molasses or dibs tamar in Arabic. This is used as a sweetener that is high in fiber, iron and calcium. This recipe produced a thick creamy syrup more paste like. Makes a great substitute for processed sugar. You can top pancake, your favorite bread, swirl into cupcake or muffin dough before baking,Oh go ahead a top a bowl of yogurt or ice cream with it, or use as Arabic recipes call for it. I made this to be used in Bahraini Sweet Rice (Muhammar). Which I have not made yet! I must say I will make this again to use as a sweetener with many benefits!
As for this recipe I placed 8 ounces package of dates which was over 30 figs with the remaining ingredients cooked for 20 minutes then added to my vita mix. Blended to a thick yummy paste.
Thank you for posting!

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Rita~ January 12, 2011
Date Syrup