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Hey Winkki! My Grandma used to make these cookies EVERY Christmas! She hasn't been baking much recently due to her health, and I totally forgot about these cookies! In my cookbook it goes!!! I can't wait to make these this year and surprise her! Thanks so much for posting! HIGHLY recommended ~Manda

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Manda December 12, 2003

These are just lovely lovely cookies. They look beautiful and they taste wonderful. The texture is right, the spicing is right. There is no way anyone could improve on them. I used half butter and half shortening in the cookie dough, and should have chopped my walnuts finer. But for a manually non-dextrous person like myself, they came out unbelievably good looking, and, as I mentioned, are delicious. Thank you very much for sharing this recipe with us. I made half a batch of cookies, dividing the dough into three rolls. I think I got about 10 dozen, but I started counting after tasting. (I think I was cutting the cookies about 1/3 inch thick.) BTW, these cookies do not spread very much, so they can be placed fairly close on the sheets. BTW, other than the butter for shortening change I mentioned, and halving all the amounts of the ingredients, including weighing the eggs to get 1 1/2 eggs, I didn't change anything, wouldn't and definitely won't next time.

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mianbao April 30, 2014

Love these delicious cookies! I usually make half of this recipe, using only one egg, the full amount of salt, and no baking powder. I add 1 teaspoon of vanilla. Both the dough and the cookies freeze well.

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ctrmom December 03, 2009

These are an all time favorite in my family. I could not find my mother's recipe to maqke them this holiday, so I searched and found this one. Thanks for posting.

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School Chef December 29, 2008

After reading all the other review, I decided to make only 1/3 of the recipe, just in case I miss the recipe (I'm a novice baker). Well, guess what? These turned out GREAT! (they were a little bit ugly, but it doesn't mind a bit) I even subbed the 1/3 c. of shortening for 1/4 c. of oil. It may have made the dough more sticky, but the result was so worth the effort. It may also made the cookies crispy, but that the way we like it. I left out the nuts and reduced the sugar in the filling (half the amount). Instead of 2/3 c. of brown sugar, I used 1/2 c. + 1 tbsp of Splenda brown sugar Blend. Just the right sweeteness. My mom said it was one of the best cookie she ever eat. This blew me away, because when I make cookies, she is never really impress. My sister didn't want to touch them because she doesn't like dates...well, too bad for her!

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Kid-Kat February 27, 2008

These cookies have been a family tradition for many years. My mom started making them when I was very young, and I'm over 50 now! It's one of the things at our house that makes Christmas extra special for me as they are my favorite! Try them, they are incredibly delicious! Linda

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Linda's Busy Kitchen November 27, 2007

My mother has been making this recipe over 25 years. She lost her recipe box in a recent move. We didn't know what we were going to do for cookies at Christmas this year. I'm so glad to find the recipe again.

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'93 Aggie September 10, 2006

Very tasty cookie. I appreciated all the other reviews and heeded them. You definitely want to roll out the dough between wax paper. Even after refrigerating for several hours there is no way that dough would work otherwise. I only put a half cup of sugar in the date mixture, which was perfect. And because of a different recipe's review somewhere, I decided not to bother cooking the date mixture. Using my blender and a small food processor I chopped one lb. of whole pitted dates with the water and sugar and it made a nice thick paste with the perfect date flavor. Also, if you want nice-looking round pinwheels, freeze all the logs instead of chilling them and slice that way. They'll never get quite firm enough in the fridge. I also used butter instead of shortening and it made a nice chewy cookie. And one more thing, I got 8 dozen out of this recipe, not 20.

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J-Lynn February 10, 2006

I tried this recipe because my husband came home last month and surprised me with 10 pounds of dates he bought. I like dates but 10 pounds?!. Yesterday I saw this recipe, and tried it immediately. Now I feel so sorry that I didnt find this recipe sooner. The cookies taste so good with a hint of cinammon. Kind of too sweet for my taste but its a perfection for my husband. It took a little more effort to make but they're worth it. I replaced the shortening with butter and I used almonds as the nuts (almonds and dates are the perfect combination). I used two parchement papers, put the dough in between and rolled it with my pinwheels. Then I cut the dough to make a perfect square and spread the filling and rolled it slowly into a log. I chilled the dough logs in the freezer for 2 hours and baked it for 11 minutes. Btw, I am going to make it again tomorrow. Yes...They're THAT GOOD !~ :)

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Manerly January 31, 2006

I didn't actually make this recipe, my niece did and brought over a plateful for me. Excellent cookies!!

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Neta September 09, 2005
Date Pinwheels