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This was good with tea. It's more like a light bar not a cake. I replaced the cornstarch with tapioca starch as it works the same way and we are corn free. I used Al Noor Tunisian dates, salted butter and orange juice being alcohol free I also used a non alcohol vanilla. By mistake I added a bit over the amount of granulated sugar which I should have probably cut down anyway. I would make this again.

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UmmBinat March 01, 2010

Okay, this isn't necessarily a high-rising, pretty cake... but what it lacks in appearance it more than makes up for in taste. I wasn't sure it would turn out okay - especially with no flour and no leavening - but the end product came out moist with a nice light texture. DH absolutely loved this cake and ate several pieces, which was very unusual for him. One suggestion to make the prep REALLY easy: pulse the almonds and sugar in a food processor, then pulse in the cornstarch and whole pitted dates. The dates chop up perfectly and the ground almonds/sugar/corn starch keeps the date pieces from sticking to each other. This one's a keeper!

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Chilicat June 08, 2007
Date Cake (Djamilah)