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This recipe was excellent. It has been years since I had a date bar cookie this good. It was very easy to make. I only had and 8oz. package of chopped dates so I added a can of date fillingrnI had to the cooked date mixture. It still comes out great. You do have to wait to cut and eat these cookie bars after they have completely cooled. They were wonderful! Thank you so much for the recipe. This is a keeper. Agb342

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Annetta October 07, 2002

That's okay, PetitFour.;) Let me just say that I'm sorry they didn't work out for you, but I really don't know what the problem could be. As I said, my grandmother, mother and I have been using this recipe for literally decades, with not one problem-ever. We've never had a raw taste, and the 25 minute baking time is all that's needed. Maybe you didn't press it firmly enough into the pan, which may explain why they fell apart. And as Annetta said, and as stated in the recipe, cool the bars completely before cutting. In fact, after you contacted me about the trouble you were having, I made these again myself,to make sure there were no mistakes in the recipe.I followed this exact copy from Zaar, and they were perfect. Once again, sorry PetitFour, but thanks for giving them a second try before you reviewed. I still stand by the recipe, though, and hope that others will not be afraid to give it a try.

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ciao February 28, 2003

I am really hating writing this review. I gave this recipe 3 stars because I loved the filling. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for the crust. I have made this recipe twice, and even consulted Leannr regarding the possible problem, but I can't figure it out. All I know is that the crust when I made it did not bake in 25 minutes. Nor did it bake in 45 minutes. Or at least, it still tasted of raw oatmeal, and when the bars were cut they fell completely apart. I made it the first time with figs, and the second time with dates. Neither time did the crust come out the way I wanted it to. I was very disappointed, because I did want to like these, but I didn't. The filling, however, is perfect. Perfect taste, perfect texture. If I can find a crust that works for me, I will continue to use this filling because it really is wonderful. I'm sorry, Leannr. I tried, I really did.

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P4 February 26, 2003

I just love date bars so when I saw this recipe I had to add it to my Christmas cookie tray. I haven't had any like this since I was young - thank you so much for recipe - this will be on my Christmas tray from now on!

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Mysterygirl January 04, 2004

These are perfect....easy, quick & extremely rich....amost exactly like the ones from the bakery when I was a kid..It was not easy to let them cool completely but I waited & it was well worth it...

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Iron Bloomers December 23, 2003

Perfect blend of chewy, cruchy, and sweet. Super easy to make and a delicious treat. It's impossible to mess these up. Well done and thank you for this recipe!

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Petie July 09, 2012

Excellent recipe! I added more dates to use up an entire bagful and used coconut sugar for a replacement sweetener . My family loved them and we all agreed that they are better ice cold. So this time I am making a double batch! Thanks for this recipe.

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karinzart June 29, 2012

I used oat four and swapped the sugars for agave nectar and xylitol. I also used pecans, and not in the filling, but on top. I didn't boil the dates with water and sugar, either, just processed them together a bit into a nice jam-like sludge. This was a great way to get rid of those leftover dates I had and I'd love to make it again!

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xinalynn June 25, 2012

These bars were delicious! I ran low on regular oatmeal so i supplemented with quick cook oats and a smashed up crunchy granola bar. The crust turned out fantastic; the granola actually added a lot of texture! I also added about 6 oz of semisweet chocolate chips to the date compote before I put it in. My whole family agreed that they were delicious but needed more chocolate! Also, these bars travel really well. I refrigerated the bars overnight and layered them between parchment in a tupperware container. I then froze them to go on a cross-country flight.

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laura.e.shepard November 29, 2010

These aren't the chewy, gooey date bars I remembered from my childhood. When I tasted the filling, I got excited because it reminded me of what I wanted, but when I ate my first bar, I realized I had chosen the wrong recipe. Yes, these are delicious, but they are more like a date crisp than a chewy date bar.

As good as these smell, you MUST wait until they have cooled to cut them; it will make it much easier for you.

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wild123 September 07, 2010
Date Bars from my Childhood